Thursday, 23 August 2007

Delivery Problems

There are three main items on the toy rental club menu - toy/ equipment rental, the indoor playground and birthday parties. But obviously rentals are our "signature dish", the thing that people think of as soon as they hear our name. So we must try to get those right. The problem is, it's difficult to do these efficiently while we depend on a hired truck and driver for home deliveries!

We've been hiring a driver who owns his own vehicle but (a) he's expensive, charging separate fees for every delivery, regardless of distance; and (b) he's not really willing to assemble or dismantle items such as slides, playhouses or inflatables, which is a service we need to provide.

We've also tried self-drive van hire but that's expensive too and it takes one of us away from both the business and our family for long periods. It looks like we'll have buy our own truck and - once we can afford it - employ a driver.